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A National Directory of Family & Marriage Counselors was developed and is operated by Invenio LLC. Our mission is to provide a fast and easy way for couples and families to locate and evaluate a marriage and family counselor. Finding a competent marriage and family counselor can be a difficult and confusing process. We recognize that the Internet is the primary means by which Americans research goods and services, but that the Internet has grown to such enormous size that even very specific search queries often return pages upon pages of results, many of which offer little relevance to you and your family. It is difficult enough to be dealing with a troubled relationship, and the added burden of finding a family and marriage counselor that is right for you can sometimes seem overwhelming on top of all the other problems facing couples and familes.

Counsel-SEARCH was created to address this issue.

Counsel-SEARCH is a national directory of marriage counselors and family counselors that offers comprehensive profiles of the listed therapists to aide you in choosing a therapist that is right for you and your family. In addition to our free, searchable directory, we have also compiled a research and resource center. We encourage you to visit our Family & Marriage Counseling Articles page which contains articles and abstracts on such topics as how to determine if family and marriage counseling is right for you, how to find a good family and marriage counselor, and what to expect in your marriage counseling session. Our Resources section offers a compendium of global and community-specific links to help you make an informed decision when evaluating a marriage and family counselor.

We hope we are able to fulfill our mission of putting couples, families and counselors in touch with each other. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns regarding the website, please contact us.

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