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Q. How can you guarantee first page placement 100% of the time?

A. You've undoubtedly heard this from many other internet marketing firms, and the fact is that most of the time it's a lie. Unless a company is willing to limit the number of subscriptions they take, it's impossible to guarantee first page placement. Well, does just that: we limit the number of subscriptions for each target city to 20 --- which is the number of listings that appear on the first page results for city searches.

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Q. How can you guarantee that my listing shows up in the number one, five and ten spots for my city?

A. Unlike other directories and search engine results, listings within the first page results on our directory are rotated in a random order for each new view of the page. This ensures that every listing has an equal opportunity to be listed in the number one (and 2-10!) positions.

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Q. What will my listing look like?

A. Your PageOne listing will be permanently placed on the first page results for your city. Additionally, PageOne listings are rotated for each new view of the page, which means that all PageOne subscribers enjoy equal time in the #1 position for your city, as well as equal time in the top five and top ten spots. Your listing in the search results also provides a direct link to your website (if you have one), a Contact Form, as well as a detailed counselor profile that you can create during the signup process. These counselor profiles have been carefully designed with best-practice approaches to search engine optimization, which means that, after a period of time, it's very likely that your individual profile will itself show up in search engine results. You can view a sample counselor profile here.

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Q. You publish statistics on the number of monthly searches that are made for marriage counseling and related terms. How do you know this?

A. Yahoo! is nice enough to offer web marketers an open database that reports the actual number of searches that are made on their network of search engines. Of more importance to you is the fact that these numbers reflect the number of searches made on Yahoo!-owned search engines alone. Yahoo! enjoys about a 30% share in the search engine usage market, while Google and MSN have about a 40% and 20% share respectively. This means that 732 searches for New York marriage counselors on the Yahoo! network likely translates to more than 2,440 total combined monthly searches for New York marriage counselors. The table on the right shows actual searches made for counselors in other major cities on the Yahoo! network. If you want to estimate the total number of searches made on the other search engines, simply multiply the actual Yahoo! searches by 3 (it's actually 3.3, for you bean counters out there).

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Q. The city in which I practice is not listed in your directory, so how will your PageOne results rank on the major search engines for my city?

A. Obviously it is impossible to rank highly with the search engines for a city which we have no listings for. However, if how we already rank for the major cities such as Seattle, New York, Philadelphia and others are an indication, it's a safe assumption that listings for smaller cities, or cities with less search engine competition will also rank well once the search engines have a chance to crawl our site. Keep in mind that this can take a few weeks after you create a new listing because the search engines need a chance to re-crawl our site to update their results pages.

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Q. What types of affiliations do you have with other counseling-related websites?

A. In addition to our high rankings with several major search engines, has affiliate relationships or paid listings with several other high-ranking websites and directories, including the Yahoo! directory, the Microsoft Business Directory, the International Association of Marriage & Family Counselors and many, many others. As of this writing, has relationships with over 500 unique directories, associations and websites, and the number grows every day. Combined, these relationships translate to a large network of traffic generators to our site and to our subscribers.

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Page One Ranking. Always.

  • Your own, free website. View a Sample Website.
  • Guaranteed first page placement 100% of the time.
  • Guaranteed Top 10 placement 50% of the time.
  • Guaranteed Top 5 placement 25% of the time.
  • Exclusivity: PageOne subscriptions are limited to the first 20 subscriptions!
  • Your listing links to a professionally-designed, custom profile. View a Sample Profile.
  • No per-click fees or added administrative fees.



Search Engine Marketing for Marriage & Family Counselors


Actual number of geographic-specific marriage counseling and related searches in a single month on the Yahoo! network alone.

New York
Los Angeles
Chicago 810
San Diego

Imagine access to these referrals divided equally among 20 subscribers.

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